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08-23-2011, 05:56 PM
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Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
Ever read NASA press releases when they divulge that something they recently discovered was "totally unexpected" or contrary to preexisting models? They are discovering new crap all the time that refutes preexisting theories and models.... Safe to say there is more in our Universe that we do not know, than we do know.... The absence of doom predictions in the media from reputable scientists does not provide for any peace of mind... Even if they did know that danger was looming, they wouldn't tell us with a press release, it would be suppressed by world governments as to not create mass panic and hysteria.
Which NASA press releases are you referring to? There are plenty of problems with trying to model events that can't otherwise be observed (asteroid collisions, long term weather events, etc.) but the fundamental theories have been prettty soundly tested and confirmed over the past few decades. There are naturally going to be some things we don't really understand at the fringe of our knowledge (e.g. anything with the word "dark" in it), but planetary motions and stellar evolution are pretty well understood by now.

Plus, virtually all data from NASA observatories are readily available to researchers around the world. And there are no laws against private citizens having a large telescopes so there really isn't much that NASA could hide from us unless they got a phone call from ET himself.

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