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08-23-2011, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by might2mash View Post
There was a 2.2 in that area about 6:30 this morning according to USGS. But you look at all the quakes that happen every day, that goes unnoticed. I have a friend up in Albany who says he didn't feel a thing for that one (probably still sleeping) but definitely felt the more recent one in VA all the way up there. They probably are related at some level though.
The Richter (sp?) scale does not record on an even level... a 4 reading is not twice a 2 reading for example... the ratio of a 5.9 reading and a 2.2 is not what one would expect; a 2.2 is not 2.2/5.9... I'm no expert but I would guess that a 2.2 is not a very large quake while I know 5.9 is 0.1 from the top of the moderate class and therefore pretty strong... so it might be felt greater than the local 2.2.

Just using logic with a little bit of knowledge here.

I've heard nothing of a foreshock on this and only about an aftershock... If that was a foreshock, I'd fear the real quake coming. Also this is the first I've heard of a major fault on the East Coast.

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