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08-23-2011, 08:34 PM
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I was at the Ross in South Philly looking at some Penn State jerseys while the wife was in the Ladies Room... I felt what I thought was someone rolling a huge rack with bad wheels or something past me... looked around to see nothing near me... The strip mall off Oregon and Passyunk Aves is where a bowling alley was over a supermarket, IIRC. I thought that there my still be the bowling lanes above the Ross -- it actually was down a bit and Ross is a newer one story facility... I thought it would be insane if bowling would be felt so easily below and quickly ruled that out.

The guards at Ross were running around looking up and around and going outside to see what they could find... Meanwhile the wife strolls back like nothing is up. I had by that time figured out that we had what I believed was a tiny quake -- I had lived through a couple small ones in the area over my lifetime -- I jokingly said to her, "either the bowling alley is still above here or we had an earthquake"... She answered, "what are you talking about?". It seems that she felt nothing at all while doing her business... maybe she had her feet off the floor at the time. LOL

While we were leaving the guard was coming back in talking about it being an earthquake and he heard a lady saying she saw a car shake... people were all talking about it... When we got in the car we turned on KYW and heard them say the Pentagon was being evacuated; I thought of an attack on the US... but then they talked about an earthquake and how it was being felt as far away as New England even though it was centered outside Washington in Virginia.

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