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Originally Posted by McDugan View Post
Well, it's different for goalies. It's not like a younger goalie gets to put his youth to great advantage. (He's not skating all over gaining a step on older skaters, etc.) If there aren't any 40+ y/o goalies, then you're faced with a choice between having no goalie on one or more teams or bringing in someone who doesn't meet the age requirement. Pretty obvious to me which is the better option.
I hear what you are saying and somewhat agree. However, suppose the regular goalie is 45 and sucks. Kid filling in is 23 and right out of college. It does matter. It's an over 40 league. My team shouldn't miss the playoffs b/c of a 23 yr. old that's 5x as good as their regular goalie.

It's a tough call. On the one hand you want to let people play. On the other hand it becomes a bit of a joke when I can bring whomever I want to play on any given night. That's open hockey and not a league.

Submit a roster and substitute roster at the beginning of the year. Let the league have a substitute goalie list for each division. If you can't put a proper team on the ice you forfeit simple as that. Still play the game, but you lose. It would be chaos at first, but guys would adapt. If you can't field 5 players and find a proper goalie on any given night then that team probably shouldn't be in the league.

Just my .02.

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