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10-04-2005, 04:17 PM
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Unless they're not s'posed to be baked.

Most skates are NOT built to be baked. Only the top two or three skates of most lines actually have enough stitching to reinforce the crucial seams. No stitching or limited stitching - do not bake your skates. And don't get faked out by the appearance, a ton of entry to intermediate level skates HAVE stiching along the seams but (this is ridiculous) it's just there for the look of quality. The stiching doesn't actually go all the way through both pieces of material! That seam is actually just held together with glue.

In addition to that, even the skates you can bake - you're need to be very careful not to overheat (too high of temp OR too long on correct temp). You can still break down the composition of the skate. Along with this don't do it too often. My last pair came with a advisement from the factory to not bake them more than twice.

Face it - CCM and Bauer made tanks for skates for years. Good thing for the skater, they would last forever. Bad thing for player, they were pretty heavy (but, we didn't really know the difference). Good thing for the companies, they earned great reputations. Bad thing for the companies, they didn't sell skates as often as they do now (to the same player). With the demand for performance, they can make lighter (weaker) skates and not loose reputability, on the contrary - they're thriving just as well as ever.

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