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10-23-2003, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Laperriere22
This was the best of the bunch. Bertuzzi has brains now eh? Must have been a recent transplant because he hasn't shown any up to this point. And yes, Bertuzzi takes plenty of stupid penalties and handicaps his team. If you need a list of them, I can surely help you out with that. Not to mention that Bertuzzi complains after every call as much any other player does.

The hit was clean and that's all I'm concerned with. Pronger went after Bertuzzi, but all bets are off on a clean hit. Bertuzzi isn't morally obligated to fight anybody after a clean hit. Bertuzzi and Pronger are actually very similar kinds of players.

Huh? Pronger didn't lose the game. The dual calls on Finley and Baron that gave the Canucks the last minute plus of 5-on-3 lost the game for the Blues.

You should watch him more often because Bertuzzi certainly does dive more than his fair share. And no, I'm not going to claim the Blues don't do it, but to say Bertuzzi rarely does it smacks of denial personally. Last year's playoff series was filled with dives by players from both teams and it was the worst playoff series I've seen in that regard. Both teams were reprehensible.
Can't agree. Yes there was lot's of diving in the series last year, but very little of it was Burtuzzi.

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