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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
The simple fact is that when a team is fighting for a playoff spot, every game counts and the simple fact is that with 10 games remaining, the Habs had a magic number of 10. This means they could afford to lose 5 of their last 10 games and so not every game was important, and that's considering Carolina would go 10-0-0, without needing them to lose one game. Habs went 5-4-1 and didn't need Carolina to lose in that span, because even if they did go 10-0-0, they would still have finished behind the Habs.

You added that argument about the 6-2 Carolina beating at the end of the season and that CAR were only 2 points behind us, and unlike you, I won't try to sidestep your arguments.

The simple fact is that Carolina were 6 points behind after that game, and in actuality, as they did not have the games remaining to catch up the Habs for the number of regulation wins, they were 7 points behind to pass the Habs, with the Habs having 4 games left and the Canes, 5 games left. The magic number was at 2 after that game (and before it). This meant that out of 9 games (Habs + CAR), Habs either needed ONE win, or ONE Reg loss by Carolina. At that point, it was almost a formality. So yeah, you're probably the one who should've checked that thread... ahem.

All this points to one glarring fact : Habs didn't need to fight for a playoff spot.

And inversely, Habs trailed Boston by a few points almost all season long and did battle for the division for most of the season.
Hahahaha. So now the only reason we allowed ourselves to be a whisker away from 9th with two weeks left in the season was that the players knew they could, and I quote, "afford" to lose games since they weren't that important? I believe we've hit a brand new low in the mitigation of the Habs' shortcomings... and trust me, that's saying something.

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