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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
Midget is pro only because he can shoot ... but I bet you'll debate this
I sure will.

Besides Gomez, he is the best play-making/passing forward on the team. And no one on the team can make sauce passes like him, not even Markov. His shot is only really that good because of his release, and his stick handling ability, something that takes years to develop. Its not like he was just born with a great shot and became an NHLer because of it.

He is also really good at protecting the puck and using lateral/shift movement to create open space for himself. Couple that with his quick release, and that is why he is a pretty good goal scorer.

And I have always thought Cammy's play-making skills are under rated, he has always been more of multidimensional offensive player that a strict goal scorer.

Lastly, he has to be one of the most cheap and biggest pieces of **** to play against. There is not a single game in the whole season where he doesn't get a good crosscheck or hack to the back of the leg on at least one defensemen. Its like clockwork, hack to the back of the leg, grab the puck, shift direction, and chuck some sauce in the slot. I have seen him make that play at least 4 dozen times.

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