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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
Gionta played 61% of the time with Gomez, all situations included last year.

At even strength, the captain spent 64% of his time with Gomez by his side, while spending just over 30% of his time with Plekanec.

Right, but that's not what is important.
What you should be comparing is the number of times Gionta was completed by TWO top six players compared to AK, because neither Gionta nor AK were able to produce much of anything when paired with Gomez and a scrapper.
You also have to take into consideration that Gionta played over 300 more minutes.

Simply looking at the amount of time he played with Gomez is useless.

Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
Also, those without a selective memory will also be able to admit that while playing with Gomez to start the season, Gionta was getting plenty of opportunities, he just couldn't burry them as they say, meaning that the scoring chances were there.
Absolutely right. This is a big reason why some defended Gomez. His line was lacking finish most of the time, not opportunities, which was mostly due to having a third player playing out of his role.

Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
I may be wrong but it sure seems like in previous years when the coaches, whoever they might be, were blamed for AK's lack of production, some people are once again looking for excuses to justify his lack of success. Eventually, a mirror might just be what AK needs instead of pointing fingers in every which direction...
Before, the book wasn't out on AK. He was still a prospect. But now, I don't understand how anybody could expect anything more from AK other than a 50ish pt season, which is pretty much what he had last year. Sure, he has some great talent, but nobody should expect more from him.
He will be inconsistent throughout a season, like a bunch of other top6 players in the NHL(Cole is an example btw). He will however, consistently put up 45-50pts/ 20-25g throughout his career.
What he has improved last year though is his defensive/two way game.

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