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Originally Posted by Brian Boyle View Post
Of course not, but I'll definitely be saying that when the Pens play the Devils, Flyers, or Islanders.


I didn't quote you entire post because it's long as hell.

I see where you're coming from and while you may have gotten to see Denis Savard, Mario Lemieux, etc play in their primes, you have to remember that I never had that privilege. Right now, the closest comparable to those players is Sidney Crosby. While he isn't as 'explosive' as them, he's certainly as dominant, and with me, that's what I love to watch. He doesn't necessarily have to be walking through 4 players and making crazy spin-o-ramas, but the sheer, perpetual dominance over his peers is what makes him, in my opinion, a joy to watch.

Yeah, he may complain to the refs, or be perceived as a 'whiny baby', but I don't pay attention to that. Every player 'whines'. Ovechkin 'whines' all the time, yet people adore him. He's an exciting player, but he isn't nearly as complete or valuable a hockey player as Crosby is, and that isn't debatable. Just watch Ovechkin closely - all he does is hover around, waiting for the puck to come to him. He doesn't pay attention to defensive assingments, or positioning. He scores, yes, but half the time he's on the ice, he's a complete and utter non-factor.

I don't care whether his peers like him or not, all I care about is the fact that he is a damn fine hockey player, and the league is lucky to have him in tow.
Actually, IMO, the closest player we have to those guys currently is probably Lidstrom. Mario was a bit of a whiner himself when he played. Another current guy that comes to mind is Datsyuk. Guys that are class acts all around and have the skill to leave others in the dust. That's what I think of when I think of guys like Germany WOW mentioned. Crosby only has half the formula.

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