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08-24-2011, 09:24 AM
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Hi there,
I can share my experience I had with my boy. I'm sure this does not apply to all kids, but it works for some of them.

He's 12 now. Plays hockey since 4. He has always played as high as coaches would allow. He played against 10y/o when he was 5, against 12y/o when he was 8, 14 when he was 11.
We always trusted the coach's decision, but asked my boy what he wanted.
He always liked the challenge against stronger opponents, was always well accepted by the elder kids and had a lot of fun. It made him skate faster, pass faster and keep his head up. It's kind of cool being the youngest on a team, even if you get less ice-time.

Passing, shooting, deking was learned during practices and playing pick-up hockey.

I personally believe game playing time is really not that important at this age. How much game ice-time do you get per week being a top player? How much will your son get? Compare these numbers to total practice time and the difference becomes much less important.

So if the coach says to try and your kid wants to play at a higher level, go for it. He will learn shooting and passing during practices, not during games. The better competition will probably help his development.

Make sure he has fun and is well integrated, ask the coach to have an eye on him at the beginning.

Good luck and let us know how it worked out.


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