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08-24-2011, 10:41 AM
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I can't believe it's even being argued. He clearly stated "AHLer" and that implies not an "NHLer". It's like if I called Subban "AHLer" in his first season one would assume I mean what I said not some grasp at straws comparison of what he is to our current line up.

Also to the people saying he isn't or won't be good enough defensively to play on a 3rd line you're living in the past when 3rd lines weren't scoring lines. Now a days plenty of teams including ours roll with 3 scoring lines rather than a 3rd defensive line. He'd be fine defensively for a line like that. I'm not saying he's guaranteed to make the NHL all I'm saying is he hasn't shown any real clear signs of not being able to make it yet. He isn't Carle or even Chipchura who showed signs. (Even though Chipper go onto the ducks squad)

If anything he's shown signs of proper or even above average progression given the type of player he is and where he was drafted. Blues fans were actually quite pissed when they lost him as they were relatively high on him. I don't see what has changed since then aside from positivity in his development and becoming a prospect on a team with a fan base filled with pessimists.

He's done nothing at this point to justify called him a career AHLer. If he really was implying that by saying AHLer he didn't mean career but for right now... that is a stupid redundant statement as we all know Aaron Palushaj is currently an AHL player. By saying this either you're stating the obvious or you're implying you don't believe he'll make the jump to the NHL. Saying he isn't good enough to play on a 3rd line also lends support to my theory that this is what was being implied. If not then it is a pointless statement.

Really can't believe people are grasping at straws to try and say a poster was saying something he clearly wasn't and on top of that even if he was he could have been much more clear. Bottom line is the general feel of the post was that he didn't feel Aaron would be an NHLer.

Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
and you bashed him for saying that.

Do you agree that he isn't good enough for our top 6?
Personally I think his peek would be a solid 3rd line winger who can step up occasionally and play in the top 6 when injuries occur. Not right now but that's my personal projection of him. I believe he could be on the level of Versteeg once fully developed. I do not believe he'll fit into our top 6 currently or ever. I do however believe he'll be a solid 3rd liner and put up good 3rd line production for the teams he plays for. I don't have a crystal ball obviously but I think saying he won't be able to be a 3rd liner is selling him short at present time. People had more faith in Chipchura with less reasoning behind it other than draft order....

Originally Posted by Andy View Post
No. Again you're misreading.

He didn't say he isn't good enough for our top 6...he said Palushaj...the player isn't good enough to be a top 6 player...that is...won't be good enough to be a top 6 player.

I bashed him because he said he is an ahl player because he won't been good enough for any role. I disagree because it's just to early to tell anything at this point.

I think any player not ready to play in the nhl right now isnt good enough for any team's top 6...not just our top 6.

Just admit that you misread his post instead of trying to twist stuff around to support your view. This has nothing to do with Palushaj playing into the top 6 next season and everything to do with Palushaj's development and potential as a player. Again i really don't see how you are confusing the latter with the former.
I don't either personally I think it's grasping at straws. I don't come on here to connect the dots so if people aren't clear enough then it's left up to interpretation I guess. He believes the guy was saying something different but either way saying "ahler" isn't exactly a clear statement.

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