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Originally Posted by JimmyDarmody View Post
For half the season he was. He wasn't scoring and had a laughably low shooting percentage. As terrible as Scott was/is, it's not like he could will Gionta's shots into the net. I also didn't say he was useless in all 3 zones, just that offensively if he isn't potting goals then he's not worth much.
One thing we can agree on. I must say though I blame the coaching staff equally for always putting Moen/Darche on that line. Pouliot was playing poorly but he would have been a better fit and within 10 or so games probably would have got his confidence back up.

Now we'll have to see this year if it burns us as a result of not doing that. Obviously there were issues between Benny and the staff.

Gomez is a pure passer, Gionta is a pure shooter, if you put a scrub on their line it's a pretty simple concept really, you cover the 5'6" guy who can score. The other two guys Moen and Gomer can't hit the ocean with a beach ball. So just due to the common sense errors in judgment I can't fault them for it all. Also I remember early on Gomez was playing with confidence but then when nothing was going in you could visibly see it was affecting him. Hopefully this year they get off to a good start having a real line to work with.

Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
that's not true, always. Many players can rely on other skills and their size - and become grinders / defensive minded 3rd or 4th liners.

Without his shot, midget would be considered too small for a bottom line role.
If his shot was half as accurate he'd still be a 20g scorer on a full season and 3rd liner though. Also of course Plekanec is a better playmaker than Cammy so he's likely not 2nd on the team.

That having been said though with his strong work ethic just like a lot of players who lack skill but work hard, he'd be able to make it imo. He just won't be a 1st liner but definitely an okay 3rd liner. Yeah he's small but people ignore the plenty of average or smaller sized 2nd or 3rd line wingers in the NHL. Like I mentioned earlier a lot of teams roll with a 3rd scoring line these days and have been going in that direction since the lockout. I can't see Cammy not making it given his playmaking skills and dedication just based on having a shot that's say half as accurate. If Gionta can do it based mainly on garbage goals than so can Cammy based on work ethic and garbage goals. He would play a different style of game if his accuracy wasn't a strength.

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