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08-24-2011, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Call a spade a spade.
You want to talk about enforcers, then talk about enforcers, not toughness. That alone would eliminate some of the circular debate with one side saying we need toughness and the other saying we already have it.
I don't think you'll find ONE fan that is against bringing in an enforcer. You will have different opinions when discussing the importance of such an addition but nobody will be against it.
I certainly don't feel like it's something management needs to be criticised for, especially not when they filled up a more glaring hole (top6).
An enforcer can be signed, called up, traded for, at any time during the season. You don't need to show yourself desperate during the summer and overpay for a guy like Rupp.
If during the season, White-Moen-Emelin-Gill-Darche prove themselves incapable of protecting our players in the way they can, and an enforcer becomes a clear necessity, then I'm fully confident the proper adjustments will be made. They did it last year with Markov-Gorges-Spacek going down, they did it this summer with Cole, so there's no reason to doubt them.
Making a thread about management not getting it is not only premature and ironic (considering they've proven capable of identifying important roles and filling them up), but it's simply stupid.
"Premature?" Non fighters being jumped and pummeled by goons...broken necks...separated shoulders from being boarded by grinning thugs....goalies being shoved/crosschecked....rookies being intimidated/threatened by vets.....Premature?
Oh and having Matt Darche as a "protector" wouldnt exactly make me feel safe on the ice.

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