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08-24-2011, 03:04 PM
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Is it still cool to take a stab at this? I'll go with:

WAS -- Between the vastly improved goaltending and where I placed the other teams in the division, this team will feast.
BUF -- Don't think they're quite this good, but I think they'll pile up wins in their division.
PIT -- Crosby/Malkin may be in and out of the lineup, but in enough to get them third.
NYR -- Finally a first-line center. Rest of the team's good enough, and Hank is Hank.
BOS -- Seems like they're hot and cold during the season, or else I'd put them higher.
PHI -- Forwards took a hit this offseason, but with Bryz in net and that D, they're getting into the playoffs.
NJD -- Zach's back. They're either here or way at the bottom, I think. I'll go with here for now.
MTL -- This is the last year I think they'll get in with this squad. But they'll do it.
TBL -- Last year's Cinderella turns back into a pumpkin. Maybe not, but it's just a feeling.
CAR -- Maybe they're switched with MTL for the 8th spot. Just never know what to make of CAR.
NYI -- As long as the mediocre goalie carousel continues, I don't think this team will make the playoffs. It's the most important position.
TOR -- IF Reimer's a real number 1. IF Connolly stays healthy. IF Kulemin is really a 30g forward. IF Kadri is the player they believe they drafted. IF Grabovski has a good season. Lot of "ifs," but maybe a playoff team IF it all breaks right for them.
WPG -- They'll be good, I think. Maybe not this season though.
OTW -- They still have Alfie. Could be higher, but I don't think they're last.
FLA -- I don't get it. Solid prospects and a bright future. I like that they brought in vets so they don't have to rush the kids, but it's hard to find the top-line talent on this team, and their best and most important player by far is now playing for WAS.

I think 7-12 is a crapshoot.

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