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Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
Oh, and a big fat at mathman's post, fights have been part of hockey longer then both our lives put together, if you don't like it then go watch the KHL or curling.
So was playing without a helmet. Then they said "hey, this is stupid" and changed the rules. Nevermind that, as pointed out above, back in the days what we had was hockey players who would fight, and no fighters who can't play hockey, and that the skill-less goon is a new, modern development.

In fact, the very notion that there's demand for "fighters who can play hockey" and the fact that these guys are rare, points to an important development in hockey mentalities: the point is not that people want a regular fighter who can play hockey, it's that nobody wants a player who can play hockey to also fight regularly. It accomplishes little useful and puts an useful guy in the penalty box for 5 minutes, in the best-case scenario (as the risk of injury is very real). Which, I suspect, is why fighting was slowly handed out to players with no other useful capability. Hockey skills are too precious to waste on dangerous extracurricular activities like fighting.

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