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Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
Fighting has been part of the game since forever, but the ecology of modern fighters is a relatively recent development, only really starting in the 80's. Because the modern fighter is a specialist they are a lot bigger and better fighters than those from the 70's and early and conversely its much harder to be top fighter and a decent player. Guys like Nilan and Fegerson were good hockey players that also happened to be tough but the relative value of that has gone down since the tough guy role got more specialized.

In any case with the top-9 forwards essentially set, any addition will be a low minute 4th liner that wouldn't spend enough time on ice to effect anything in the first place so the concept is silly on its face.

And if Vancouver was intimidated in the finals, what does it say about Montreal that they played the same team and showed no signs of being affected by Boston's "toughness"? Habs fans also need to outgrow the complex that their team is more victimized by cheap shots than anyone elses.

Cheap shot artists aren't even fighters anymore so trying to stop them with a tough guy is an exercise in futility. Lapierre did plenty of running around in a Habs sweater and opposing "tough guys" did precious little to stop it.

Thorton and Campbell's principle value is that they are better than your typical 4th liner so Boston has something of a forward depth advantage. The physical stuff is just a bonus.
So what's the problem to ask the Habs to get that type of players to play on our own 4th line ?

Never forget that the Bruins havle ALSO Lucic, Horton, Chara, Boychuck and McQuaid + buggers like Ference and Marchand

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