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Originally Posted by nyhabsfan View Post
This is not whining.

This is a subject that many Habs fan feel that HAS been ignored.

Team toughness comes in many forms; all you had to do was look at playoffs last year and see how Marchand runs guys like Spacek with no detterent from our team.

You can trace this back from the Chara hit on Max to McLean's hit on Zednik years ago. The perception that you can run at our team with little concequence is REAL!! It DOES have an impact on the game when you don't get your skill player the room they need to make plays because they are INITIMATED!

It's real, it's been happening for years, so really STOP calling it whining.

Nobody wants to send a tough guy over the boards with little skill except to be the intimidator. But there were tough guys with some skill available and we missed them this year.... Rupp, Kanopka.

Moen and White are middle weights, we do need a bigger tougher guy on the fourth line, personally I would take one to replace Moen.

Wade Belak was just on Team 990 and said that when you walked into Philly you knew that you were going to be in a hockey game. When his teams played in Montreal, he knew that the toughness dimension was not something to worry about and that they could then concentrate on other things.
Yes, it is whining. Nothing more than "I'm right, the Habs are wrong, they should do what I want them to do because I said so and some other fans agree with me and Boston has guys that fight!" Just like they should sign Laracque because the fans say so and he's French. Just like they should trade Turgeon for Corson, just like they should draft another reject like Brent Bilodeau from the WHL because the fans say the team needs toughness!

I for one am glad that PG doesn't give a crap what fans like you think.

There's so much wrong with your post, don't know where to begin....

1) Just because some idiot threw a flying elbow at Zednik years ago, resulting in a huge suspension, doesn't mean he wouldn't have done it if the Habs had an "enforcer" in the lineup. Idiots will sometimes do idiotic things. Linking it to the lack of an enforcer is a ridiculous leap made all too often by Don Cherry fans. All sorts of suspension-worthy events have happened to teams of all types. Look no further than Cooke-on-Savard and Rome-on-Horton, both against the Big Bad B's, whose tough guys did nothing to prevent it nor to retailiate after the fact. Having an enforcer on the bench or even on the ice doesn't change the way guys play.

2) Marchand runs guys like Spacek, that's great. Is Marchand going to change that if we have Mike freakin' Rupp on our 4th line? No. The roster of Big Bad Bruins did absolutely nothing to scare Subban away from running Marchand over and over again.

3) The idea that enforcers create "room" for skill players is even more ludicrous. Do you honestly think Gionta, Plekanec, Cole, Cammy, Subban et al are actually INTIMIDATED by the opposition and therefore change the way they play? Does Cammy score more goals against pacifist teams like Detroit than Boston? I've never seen Gionta shy away from standing in front of the net or going into the corners with Chara just because the Bruins have a fighter sitting on the bench.

4) The Wade Belaks of the world want to feel important, so they'll say their teammates feel better with a Wade Belak on the bench and play "bigger". The flip side of that is that all NHL players must therefore be cowards, and shy away from contact and high traffic areas whenever Wade Belak is scratched in favour of John Pohl. This simply isn't true.

5) The perception that you can run at the other team with little consequence is in fact real and universal. But that's true whether the opponent has an enforcer or not. An enforcer is not going to go out and pummel a non-fighter for hitting a guy. This doesn't happen. Lapierre was never going to fight anyone, and he ran around throwing dirty hits all the time. If you really think this consequence-free perception changes when the other team dresses an enforcer, then find me evidence of a Marchand changing his style of play against Buffalo when a meathead like Kaleta was in the lineup. It doesn't happen.

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