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Originally Posted by Stjonnypopo View Post
I see two main problems that have affected us. One of the being injuries and the other is that our lines can become stagnant. We have a lot of streaky players on the team and JM doesn't like keeping lines together when they don't produce, so he's often changing the lines around.

It would be nice to have lines set up at the beginning of the season and have them stay the same the whole season (barring injuries). That's how guys create chemistry. For example, the Sedins. Alone, they're great players, but they've played together so long that when they play together they jump up a level in terms of skill. It's the same for non-twins; if you get guys together for a while they learn each others playing styles and they compliment each other.
Most coaches shuffle the lines periodically over the course of a season, this is not unique of Martin, although he may do it a little more than others. Really though, the Plek-Cammy duo and Gomez-Gionta duo have been pretty constant - the challenge has been to find long term players to complete those lines, which we may have this year in Cole and Pac.

That said, I wouldn't mind a bit of shuffling. We have a good top 9 this year, and I think different combinations could work. For example, I wouldn't mind seeing Cole with DD and Eller and Kostitsyn with Plek-Cammy. It gives that third line more balance in terms of leadership and veteran presence, and it gives Kostitsyn one last chance to prove he can be a top 6 player in his contract year. I know some might point out that we didn't sign Cole to 4.5mil to play on the third line, but I'm not opposed to lining up with whatever combination works the best.

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