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Originally Posted by onice View Post
For all those that claim it's difficult to find modern Fergusons & Nilans, you really don't get it.

It's difficult only for teams that are not looking for that sort of player. Why is it not difficult for the Bruins, the Ducks & the Flyers to get that kind of player? Every year they seem to have two or three that can play that game. Dammit the Bruins have Thornton, McQuaid, Lucic, Campbell, Boychek & Chara. That's six players and the you're telling me the Habs can't get one! And I'm not talking about fighters. I'm talking about pain in the a$$ players.

If a team is not primed to look for such a player, they won't find him and if they do find him by accident they would not know how to develop him. That's another thing. You need to get the player and you need to train the player to play that game.

Many of you guys called Pouliot a soft player. I want to see what the BRuins do with him this year. If He turns his game around and plays Bruins hockey - hard nosed, physical, gritty hockey - then that tells me the hardnosed physical hockey player is not hard to find if you know how to develop him.

The Habs are not alone. There are many teams that do not look for and don't know how to develop that sort of player.
But is it worth the institutional effort to find those guys? How much does having them over an player with equivalent "hockey talent" really make their team better. That's a hypothesis that many people seem to hold with scant evidence to back it up, which is why it seems to be more of an ideological point rather than something that demonstrably matters. For an example from other sports, the hit and run play was a widespread tactic in professional baseball before people examined it and found it to be actually counter-productive to scoring runs. Just because people believe something helps doesn't mean it actually does.

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