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Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
I really don't see how Plekanec is a better play maker. Plekanec gets many of his assists because he is the center, and the main puck carrier on his line. He is instrumental in the transition game in the defensive and neutral zones. Cammalleri does much of his work inside the top of the circles in the offensive zone, has a better sauce pass, can find the open man in tighter situations, and has better vision.

I firmly believe Cammalleri is the second best play making forward on the team.

Take it from Gomez(paraphrasing), "Cammalleri is an under rated passer, the guy has a really nice touch on his passes, unlike Gionta, who just hucks the puck at you."
It depends on what you define playmaking to be. If its the ability to start plays that result in offensive chances then Plekanec is obviously superior due to his ability to drive puck possession and get the puck into the offensive zone and pass it to someone in position to due some damage. If its the ability to make good passing plays in the offensive zone that result in good scoring chances then I'd argue Cammaleri is a little bit better than Plekanec. Part of what made the Cammaleri-Plekanec-Kostitsyn line great when they were on was that every player on that line can both start and finish a play which made them difficult to defend against. This is in contrast to xxxxx-Gomez-Gionta where the single playmaker and single shooter results in far fewer tactical options.

A large part of what makes Cammaleri an effective goalscorer is that he's dangerous both passing and shooting the puck. Play too much toward taking his shot away opens up chances for everyone else on his line to score so the defender is forced into something of a devil's bargin against him.

Originally Posted by TheBuriedHab View Post
Disagree, The second Martin took Gionta off Gomez line and put him with Cammy and Pleks he was on fire. Something like 10 pts in 6 games. Yes, there was a period where he was snake bitten but he was not horrible, He still went to the front of the net and would dig pucks out of the corners. His Shooting percentage is deceiving. A lot of Gionta's shots were being taken from the perimeter. 2 things had to do with it, One, Gomez was god awful last year. Never drove the net and became predictable So Gionta received the majority of the passes outside the hashmarks. Reason 2 was they usually had a plugger on the other wing, which limited Gomez options to only gionta in the offensive zone.
Gionta had lots of shots to the outside because he generated tons of shots period. Gionta's style is to spray shots on net but he also frequently buzzes the net and picks up opportunities there. He fanned on tons of scoring chances close to the net especially in the early going this was the biggest reason for Gomez's poor offensive season, Gionta wasn't capitalizing on the chances they generated together at his usual rate and Gomez isn't a good enough shooter to make the adjustment to getting him to try and score worthwhile.

Gomez's good days in a Habs uniform correspond strongly to the times when he's had an effective left winger to put with him and Gionta, be it Cammaleri in October/November '09, Pouliot from late December '09 to March '10 or Pacioretty's stint with him last year. Otherwise the most common use is with Moen to form a more defensively focused matchup line.

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