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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Oh I'm not saying he isn't a better playmaker than Gio. But I'd definitely say Plekanec is the better playmaker than Cammy is and it isn't about the assists column, frankly Cammy has had 80+ point seasons racking up tons of assists so it really isn't about points just having watched them play. I think Cammy is underrated but if people are saying Cammy is better than Plek at playmaking then I must say Plek is severely underrated too. I think he's great at making plays. Underrated finisher too imo. Could probably excel in both areas if he didn't have to focus as much on being a two-way player.
Originally Posted by 11Goat11 View Post
I don't agree with this, Plek and his Czech sausage passes are legendary. I remember many 2 on 1's in the last few years where Tomas saucer passed to a streaking player for an easy tap in. I think Cammy and Pleks are pretty equal playmakers.
Originally Posted by Ayatollah Chowmeini View Post
It's all well and good to defend Killa Cam from the one dimensional argument. But Plekanec is hands down the best playmaker on this team. ESPECIALLY if we're talking about saucer passes. Any other argument seems ludicrous.

Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
It depends on what you define playmaking to be. If its the ability to start plays that result in offensive chances then Plekanec is obviously superior due to his ability to drive puck possession and get the puck into the offensive zone and pass it to someone in position to due some damage. If its the ability to make good passing plays in the offensive zone that result in good scoring chances then I'd argue Cammaleri is a little bit better than Plekanec. Part of what made the Cammaleri-Plekanec-Kostitsyn line great when they were on was that every player on that line can both start and finish a play which made them difficult to defend against. This is in contrast to xxxxx-Gomez-Gionta where the single playmaker and single shooter results in far fewer tactical options.

A large part of what makes Cammaleri an effective goalscorer is that he's dangerous both passing and shooting the puck. Play too much toward taking his shot away opens up chances for everyone else on his line to score so the defender is forced into something of a devil's bargin against him.
This is basically the argument I was trying to make. I define play making ability as the ability to distribute the puck in the offensive zone. Your transition game is going to be the passing ability in your defensive or neutral zones. That is my definition anyways, there is some gray area though.

Plekanec is great at moving the puck with speed, on the breakout, or on odd man rushes up the ice. But in the offensive zone, he basically has only one play, the skate around the net and the delayed centering pass. He is definitely a capable goal scorer though, but its not surprising that much of his points come off the rush or on the PP.

Cammalleri on the other hand, can play make in tight situations, and below the half circles at a much higher level than Plekanec can. He can make better passes while not skating, and has more accuracy and touch with them.

Doesn't really mean Plekanec is incapable of it, just that Cammalleri is just superior at it.

Oh and BTW, just because someone can make a sauce pass on a 2 on 1 doesn't mean he is better than someone else. Cammalleri makes nice sauce passes from a standstill, or at a slow pace, which is much harder to accomplish than on the rush.

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