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Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post

This is basically the argument I was trying to make. I define play making ability as the ability to distribute the puck in the offensive zone. Your transition game is going to be the passing ability in your defensive or neutral zones. That is my definition anyways, there is some gray area though.

Plekanec is great at moving the puck with speed, on the breakout, or on odd man rushes up the ice. But in the offensive zone, he basically has only one play, the skate around the net and the delayed centering pass. He is definitely a capable goal scorer though, but its not surprising that much of his points come off the rush or on the PP.

Cammalleri on the other hand, can play make in tight situations, and below the half circles at a much higher level than Plekanec can. He can make better passes while not skating, and has more accuracy and touch with them.

Doesn't really mean Plekanec is incapable of it, just that Cammalleri is just superior at it.

Oh and BTW, just because someone can make a sauce pass on a 2 on 1 doesn't mean he is better than someone else. Cammalleri makes nice sauce passes from a standstill, or at a slow pace, which is much harder to accomplish than on the rush.
Bold: True. Cammy has much better hands and deceptiveness in tight and is great at creating separation, allowing him to shoot/pass with more time and space.

Underline: I can't possibly agree with that. Pleks is a far more accurate passer than Cammy is and while you can argue their "touch", Pleks also makes the types of passes that require it more often.

2nd bold: God no. I don't want to pull out this (usually terrible) argument, but how much experience do you have playing hockey?

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