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Originally Posted by tuckrr View Post
once you isolate the variable in question (goalie) you can see the the W/L is the only "all encompassing stat"

let me explain further:

if it was BOB V Bryz, lets say in a game, Bryz wins 2-1

in said game, team BOB musters only 15 shots, where team bryz shoots 33.
BOB sv% = .939
Bryz sv% = .933

in the games, BOBs rebounds are shoddy, forcing his team to play defensive and not take chances. They spend time in their zone recovering rebounds and icing the puck. Team Bryz can afford to play a more open style and be agressive. This leads them to pepper the other team with shots. The game goes on, Team Bryz wins

(this is an extreme example, but it displays my point...which is
W/L encompasses all of the variables of a goalies "skill"

SV% in this scenario does not display the goaltender's respective "skill". It is dependent on the opposing team actually taking a lot of shots...

Statistics are a tool we use to compare qualities. We also are tools, and can compare qualities with (under-rated) accuracy.

So if one team plays like crap and gets dominated while being outshot 2:1, they lose regardless of who is in goal. Much like Vokoun in example where W/L is not even close to being an indicator of the goalie's skill level.

Based on your comments about stats, I don't think you understand how they are used or how Jester uses them.

Edit: let's run with your example. Let's say Bryz's team completely blows in a game. They get 15 shots. However, Bryz is fantastic, stopping 49/50 shots. Team Bryz loses 1-0 despite Bryz putting on a stellar performance. In that case the goalie gets the L because his team sucked, and it is no indication of his skill or how he played. W/L does not absolutely indicate a goaltender's skill level or how he performed

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