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Here's my guesses for each of them, I am judging mainly on style of game they produce... This is not to say they will ever hit the level of play that is given, just that they could become a better or weaker version of said compared player.

-Theodore: The ultimate version of Mike Palmeteer. (I mean he's an upgrade to the popcorn kid) His quick legs (fastest reflexes IMHO in the league) save him from his so-so positioning. I believe he will have a HOF career from here on out.

-Garon: Because he is still more prospect than prven... Right now I will say his ceiling is JS Giguere. He can still be the habs goalie of the future, but IMHO, Theo will always be the better starting goaltender. He plays a big blocky sort of game... But tends to lose his positioning at times while in the butterfly (a result from going down too early). Uses his huge frame to his benefit.
-Markov: I'll say Sergei Gonchar, mainly because his game is very similar to his already. IMHO, another 15 points is easily not out of the question from Markov, and he has the most Offensive talent on the blueline.

-Komisarek: I think his game is heading towards Adam Foote of Colorado, or Derian Hatcher of Detroit. A big heavy hitting D-man, who, with more experience will become more Physical and aggressive with his checks. IMHO, he's doubled his aggression in those 21 games played from last year... and is the future # 1 d-man pairing.

-Hainsey: I think he looks a lot like Eric Desjardins. He plays a 2 way game, but has the ability to turn on the jets and take the puck all the way up the ice. Has more Offensive ability than Komisarek, but less body work. He can take the body however. He has some defensive defficiencies right now (made a few bad passes once in a while)but I believe it is more game focus he will get by game play, When he is a vet, he will be top 10 D in the league.

-Souray-- Mike Rathje. A heavy, physical d man good at anything that is physical... not so much there in the mental game though. Limited offensive ability, but his cannon is a nice addition to the blue line. He is our most solid defensive defenceman this year... He has proven he did truly turn a corner in our play-off run 2 years ago.

-Archer:Hal Gill. Has almost no offensive game, but can hold his own defensively, and his size helps him in the physical aspect of the game. at best a # 4 d-man, which is no knock on the eighth rounder.

-Rivet: Stephane Quintal. I think Rivet will round out his playing years very similar to Q-ball. When he is well over 30 (he is 30 now I think) his game will slow, but he will still be a respected, physical d-man.


-Kastytsin: This guy is another potential HOF'er. I think he'll be a lot like Peter Stastny... (A player who can hurt the opponents in goals, or assisting, and has a mean streak in him). Will play 2 ways, but his offensive drive will be his main asset.

-Higgins: Chris Drury. Many will say Drury, and to me, I agree. Higgins definately looks like Drury out there. Hovers a lot like Chris, and will be able to play any game given to him.

-Perezhogin: Martin Havlat. His game will revolve around speed and deft moves in the offensive end.

-Hossa: Pavol DeMitra... Hard choice, but similarities is use of body, not outburst speed, but has the ability to overpower defencemen. I do not think he'll be posting DeMitra type of points, but a lesser version is still pretty good.

-Ribeiro: Intersting guy... I look at his game, and his vision reminds me of the Great One... A lesser version (i.e. Wayne's tail end years) who can potentially max out at PPG mark (if he were to play the entire year like he is now)

-Zednik: Petr Bondra. To me Zednik has always looked like Bondra (with less finishing ability).

-Plekanec: Poor man's Saku Koivu. He's a buzzer, has vision, however, his shot is weak... He's a hard worker though.

-Balej: If he's a boom, he can be very similar to Martin St. Louis of Tampa Bay... espescially if he plays with the same grit he's displaying with the dogs.

-Koivu: Is Koivu... he's still at least 5 years away from true decline... IMHO.

-Ryder: Wendel Clark. Will be a major fan favourite Very soon. Has similar crazy shot as Wendel, speed is/was both players major harbingers. Definately not afraid to muck it up, and will drop the gloves on occasion.

-Ward: I see Eric Cole in Jason Ward.I think Ward will eventualy become a clutch scorer... (like Steve Thomas)

-Bulis: Lehtinen is a very good example for Jan Bulis... I think these 2 can be very similar.

Kastytsin Higgins Perezhogin
Hossa Ribeiro Zednik
Koivu Plekanec Balej
Ryder Bulis Ward

Hainsey Komisarek
Markov Rivet
Souray Archer


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