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08-24-2011, 09:36 PM
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Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
Enough(5 or 6 years), my sauce passes sucked though.

Does anyone in the NHL keep track of passing completion percentages? That would be interesting to compare.
Its all good. I'll try and explain what I mean since I realize that may not have come off the way I intended it.

It's both easier (IMO) to make a clean saucer pass and hit your target if you're standing still because more often then not that would mean you're making lead passes. You just float it into an open area in the direction a player's skating and let them adjust and catch it how they want. Essentially the same as you'd see with a tall receiver off a long bomb in football.

A linear 2-on-1 isn't much different except you have to have a bit better precision and timing.

The hardest type of pass is when both players are moving in different directions. For example, if you're coming around the net and a d-man is sneaking into the high slot. Basically like a QB throwing cross-field off the run.

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