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08-24-2011, 11:13 PM
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Originally Posted by flountown View Post
It was private property, regardless of being right or wrong, it IS his right to post it.

I'd **** a chicken if those rights were violated.
No it isn't... it is a restaurant that is public and is located in a neighbourhood that has several nationalities settling in there... The Mexican restaurants down the street serve people who speak English. Joey, being the smart businessman that he was should have had either Spanish speaking people on his staff or trained to deal with the residents of the area... OR moved his business, which was his right.

All people in this country... residents, visitors, or people settling here... have equal rights in these restaurants as long as they do not abuse the right and are orderly... I'm certain that the people urned away could communicate well enough to make a transaction... and I am certain that they do so at Pat's across 9th and Passyunk.

It was not about slowing down the lines... it was about his not liking people to not speak English... I'm a descendant of an immigrant who did well in Philly through the Great Depression and died not being fluent in English. I wonder if Joey is somewhere now where they can communicate... If Joey so chooses to do so.

In any case, yes I do believe that businesses in the US do not have the right to turn away customers for lack of communication skills... and they should be required to adjust their operations just like they have to for other people.

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