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10-23-2003, 02:54 PM
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G2K asked me a question about why i'm not impressed with cross in another thread. seems to me that it makes sense to add that commentary to this topic as well so here goes (copy/paste)...

you know, i'll be honest... i think my dislike of cory cross transcends the logical into the emotional. i've never liked the guy. ever... so i will admit that my opinion is, more than likely, rather tainted. i was disgusted when he became an oiler and almost sick to my stomach when i heard what lowe decided to pay him (especially relative to staios).

but even when i try really hard to be objective (and i honestly am trying) i find very little to be positive about. yes, he has contributed offensively. he has also blown some defensive assignments that are so rudimentary it defies logic.

cross is paid (too much) to play solid defense. NOT to pinch along the boards. how many good pinches does it take to make up for a bad one? the guys who should be pinching are brewer and bergeron. cross should be hanging back to cover for the legitimate talent. people are all over brewer for his bad start but they forget he is paired with cross. true - brewer has made some bad plays. however, if you rewind the tape you'll notice that MANY (not all) of those bad plays are in scramble situations following a cross screw up.

basically, cross is playing over his head. people are only seeing the fluky offense (i mean come on, smith had to bat that "pass" out of the air and his PP goal bounced off foote). what people are missing is how much cross is hurting the team by playing outside of his role.

maybe i'm way off base and my dislike for the guy is making his errors more glaringly obvious to me? that's is probably the case... but do me a favor and watch closely tonight for what i'm talking about. i'd be interested to know if anyone else sees it the way i do.

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