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08-25-2011, 05:20 AM
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I was (am) kinda in the same boat, as I broke my right ankle snowboarding a few years back.

That ankle is still weaker than my left, and has an odd shape on the inside where they screwed it together. I always had problems skating due to this unbalance, but the reebok pump solved my problem.

I tried the 6K first as I wasn't sure how it will work (fit was great, but then a lot of guys said the pump will never last) and they work magic on a cripple like me. You can adjust the support of your ankles ON THE FLY as opposed to having to retighten your laces on the bench. Basically you can add or release air if the support doesn't feel right.

In the meantime I upgraded to a 11K (much stiffer and lighter) for ice, and use my 6K for roller (replaced the blades with wheels of course ). Pumps on both skates function properly. Oddly enough my skating is the strongest part of my game ever since I found a tool to help my weaker ankle.

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