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08-25-2011, 07:20 AM
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Originally Posted by thomast View Post
Or maybe rips whole league. Yeah about ppg at center is More likely. But still compare Mikko koivus stats to Granlund. Mikko is about 70-75pt player with mittens and bruno. Granlund outplayed koivu offensively at wc, stole his place in the #1 pp unit. but most important that he will become great two-way player like Mikko koivu with more offensive production. A player who can play at every situation. He's already that in fel. Yes there is faster and stronger players in NHL but you guys make it sound like there is very big difference it's quite big but it's arguable which is harder to adapt into fel in teenager body against former NHL players and 1st round picks as a 17 year old with a average skating than into NHL in adult body and Well above average skater as an 20 year old? Is there a big difference IMO no. Granlund has stated himself that he like More the na rinks because offensive zone is bigger and goals are closer. Game pace is the biggest worry, Granlund have to adapt for it and players are actualy better and smarter. Granlund is one of the surest things in prospect world. At hockey prospectus they projected him to be perennial all-star and atleast safely above average first liner. And i trust corey pronman and his scouts. He knows ALOT about prospects but he can't tell te future. All we can is to wait 1 More year When He's even Better than now.
You are going to eat one big fat crow if he is not anything like you described

But seriously Im pretty sure its consensus here and even in the Wild management that "in Granlund we trust", so we wait and see what future holds.

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