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08-25-2011, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by SwedeSens View Post
First proposal, so its probably bad.

To Ottawa
Bryan Little

To Winnipeg
Nick Foligno
Patrick Wiercoch
Louie Caporusso
2nd Round Pick

Anyone add/subtract? I like Little, and saw a thread in the Trades forum asking for Little's value, and a Sens fan proposed Foligno+3rd, which was way off. So I thought of this, not sure if its good/bad. Little would fit here because he's young and we are rebuilding, so he could help the youngsters out.

Flame away.
wow, I never realized Bryan Little had so much value

Let's analyse this :

The guy is 5'10 and 190 lbs

Foligno is 6'0 and 209 lbs

Little NHL stats :

2007-08 Atlanta Thrashers NHL 48 6 10 16 18 -2
2008-09 Atlanta Thrashers NHL 79 31 20 51 24 -5
2009-10 Atlanta Thrashers NHL 79 13 21 34 20 -6
2010-11 Atlanta Thrashers NHL 76 18 30 48 +11

Foligno stats :

2007-08 Ottawa Senators NHL 45 6 3 9 20 0
2008-09 Ottawa Senators NHL 81 17 15 32 59 -10
2009-10 Ottawa Senators NHL 61 9 17 26 53 +6
2010-11 Ottawa Senators NHL 82 14 20 34 -19

Little is more productive but he also had more opportunity playing on top lines in Atlanta with good offensive players. Foligno had some stretches but has been grinding a lot on the 4th line too.

Is the difference between the 2 players enough to give up :

- Patrick Wiercioch (better prospect than given credit for, would be top-10 and maybe top-5 in many NHL prospect pools)
- Louie Caporusso (decent prospect but not the end of the world)
- 2nd Round Pick (decent value, always useful, particulary at the draft for the Sens)

Even if it was Caporusso and a 3rd pick with Foligno, I'm not sure I'd make that trade. We are hoping to develop better players than Little for the top-6 (Butler, Da Costa, Petersson, Filatov, Zibanejad, Regin and even Greening should all have their chance to establish themselves this season), and Foligno with his size and strenght is a keeper for the bottom-6 vs Bryan Little. I named at least 6 guys who deserve a chance to prove themselves. Little would just be in their way. And next season, we have Silfverberg and probably a high 1st round pick coming in. Oh and let's not forget about Noesen, Stone, Puempel,...

JUST WAIT AND SEE. We have tons of guys who could end up being better than Little.

Finally, you're saying Little is "young", but Wiercioch, Caporusso and 2nd are all younger and Foligno is 1 month older...

Originally Posted by SwedeSens View Post
So maybe we add Regin or Da Costa instead of Wiercoch/Caporusso?
Regin, Foligno, Wiercioch and 2nd for Little? That'd be horrible asset management : Regin, a 1st and two 2nds for Little?

I know the Sens had a bad season last year and so-called experts project them to finish low this year, but it's a team game, so it doesn't mean individual parts are crap or have no value.

How am I able to say this? Just look at what people thought we'd be getting back for Fisher, Kelly, Campoli, etc and check what Murray (who is the worst GM in trades according to this board), got in return, and WITHOUT taking any salary back too.

Personnally, I wouldn't trade Regin for Little alone, and you should see why this season.

Originally Posted by Canadian Guy View Post
They didn't have trouble selling out riding a wave of enthusiasm for the returning heroes.

If the team blows you might start selling less tickets, and with that arena they cannot allow that to happen.

My point is that Winnipeg needs to do everything they can to sell out to be financially stable. Trading Little for prospects and Foligno is not going to help them ice a competitive team now, and when you consider how poorly they did at the end of last year, that team needs to have a strong season now, not in a few years.
Actually, it's the exact opposite. They have 3-5 years to build a solid team. Now, they will enjoy the hype of having a NHL team back in their city and have every game sold out. In a few years, if they still suck ala Thrashers did, they will start having some problems again. It would be the same situation in Quebec City.

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