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08-25-2011, 09:10 AM
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Originally Posted by otto bond View Post
That myth is busted....the harder the object, the harder the hit if you put the same speed and velocity.
Think about getting hit with a full bottle of beer and compare with the an empty one. At equal speed and velocity, the full one has a greater impact and would causes much more rattle in the skull.
Oh yah I saw that episode...the difference is though, that even if you make the elbow pads softer...your actual limb is not an empty bottle of bear, it still has significant weight can give a hell of blow. Look at soccer, people get concussions when their heads come into impact with other player limbs...changing the player equipment only mitigates the effect slightly and doesn't aim at removing the cause of them in the first place.

We can beat around the bush all we want, but something needs to be done with headshots...and screw this stupid notion of the"integrity of the game" body wants more crap like Crosby, Savard etc.

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