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08-25-2011, 09:19 AM
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Originally Posted by WeeBey View Post
There are so many things wrong with this statement. Firstly, the only one of those guys that was on the cup winning team was Godard, and he hasn't played a single NHL playoff game in his career. Rupp doesn't belong in that category either, because he's a decent third liner who can contribute something of value to his team. See last years playoffs.

You also can't compare us to the Penguins because they have two of the best players in the world on their team. Even then, did the presence of Godard, Engelland, Rupp and the mighty Aaron Asham keep Crosby from going down with a concussion? A concussion he's still struggling with?

There were no goons on the Stanley Cup winning Penguins team. That's a fact. What they did have were guys who can get their nose dirty and don't mind playing with an edge (Talbot, Kunitz, Cooke) while actually contributing defensively or offensively.

This is a myth. How intimidated was Aaron Rome by Shawn Thornton's trash talk and threats of violence? Clearly not enough, because he went out the next shift and gave their best offensive player a concussion.

A fighter bring entertainment, but a fighter doesn't bring protection. Like I said earlier, how did that work out for the Penguins this year? We still don't know how that's gonna work out for them. How many concussions because of cheap shots have the big bad Bruins had post lockout? The answer is more than the Habs.

I want to get a tougher team too. But not because of the myth that it prevents injury. Colton Orr would be a liability and there's no place for him on the team. Get me a player like Thornton or Neil in his prime and I'll jump for joy because they can actually play hockey while adding a physical edge.
You're just another of those '' I don't understand what a goon actually does, so I guess they have to be useless? type of guys''

#1: Do not mix regular season with playoffs!!!! Mindset is different, goals are different, having a penalty in 100x times worse in the playoffs and all 10 guys give their 100% every shift. It's 2 different seasons and 2 different ways of approaching the game, now of course, for x and y lovers on this board, they have no idea of what I'm talking about.

#2: Fighters do prevent injuries. They don't stop every injury because their job isn't to stop the other team of playing the game of hockey. It's to keep things honest out there, that players don't aim knees or heads or whatever, that after the whistle they don't start threatening teammates or slash whoever they please, I CLEARLY saw on more then one occasion players go back to the bench with their head between their legs in a sign of disbelief, asking themselves what the hell they were gonna do when the going got tough, something that never happened when the hated Laraque played for the Habs, hell even Markov looked meaner on the ice then Lucic and Niel when we had somebody that was watching them.

#3 GM's are still signing fighters and tough players left and right, so why do you guys keep fantasizing that they have no use?? Shero went from Godard to Macyntire when he already had Engelland and Asham, Stan Bowman added Mayers and Carcillo to a team that had nobody, Lamoriello added Eric Boulton and Cam Janseen to a team that had Adam Mair and David Clarkson and Joe Newindyk added Godard to the Stars, I'll take their opinion way over some fans with rose-coloured glasses all the time.

Fact of the matter is I'm certain that players like Thomas Plekanec (who BTW publicly said he wouldn't mind a fighter, imagine what that means when the mics are off), Mike Cammalleri and Scott Gomez would jump for the joy themselves if the Habs added some sort of protector, and it's that little extra confidence that will make the team better.

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