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08-25-2011, 10:09 AM
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  • Trapezoid HAS to go. It's utterly retarded and complete ******** in the first place and it's absolutely BEYOND me how this rule made it through. It's taking away an integral part of a goalies game. It's like... "you're too good. Not only are you stopping pucks, you're acting as an extra player helping your team. How DARE you be innovative and try to help your team by evolving the game!". It's a god damned horrible rule and the fact it's still there makes me want to scream and cry and go into a hissyfit nerdrage all at the same time.
  • 3v3 is good. I like that. Gives a lot of space and as mentioned, most likely the game will end there. Penalties should award an automatic penalty shot. Don't see any problems with this
  • Hybrid icing is good. I like it. On that note, icing should also be called while the other team are on the PK. The logic of getting 'help' because you're penalized is a bit flawed to say the least. That should without a doubt provide some additional scoring.
  • Teams spending the full 2 minutes in the box is something I'm torn on. Again, I don't see the logic of 'helping' a team being penalized, but it's a bit different from the icing rule but I'm worried that players might skate around scared of doing anything physical. I can see the rise in complaints about the officiating...
  • I like the new nets that gives more space behind the net. That's a keeper.
  • Goalie equipment should be looked at again. Promote skill, not gear.
  • Oh and did I mention that HORRIBLE bloody trapezoid rule? GO AWAY.

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