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08-25-2011, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
W2 worked on his skating, strength and skills this summer, all with the top coach available. Like I said before, he may never have the IQ and the consistency we want, but if he improves his ability across the board even a little bit, we wont care.

The kid is averaging over 50 points per every 80 games, and that includes his off-season last year. That's more than any Ranger not named Gabby or Brad.

If his improved strength, speed and skill (even a little each) can get him to 60 points on the second line with Anisimov/Stepan and Callahan (or 70 points with superstars Gabby and Brad), nobody will care that he is inconsistent.

I suspect that a 25+35 season will satisfy even his harshest critics. For this reason, I think his trying to improve every possible aspect of the game that can possibly be improved in the summer, may be great for his development. If he knocks in 60+ points, nothing else will matter.

And as for his hockey sense, considering how hard he has worked all summer long on everything, I suspect he spent plenty of time watching tapes of play breakdowns as well as actual games. You don't know about it because what is he supposed to do - announce that he sits at home watching tapes? You know how much he would be mocked for that by fans who don't understand that this is an essential part of improving yourself as a player?

W2 is very close to being a great to 6 player. Just a little improvement in his strength, speed, skills and hockey sense will be enough for him to go from a whipping boy to a fan favorite who will be seen as completely unavailable in any trade by half the fan base.
Zherdev lead our team in scoring and he was still crucified for the negative. Unless Wolski figures out how to not be a floater and the type of guy that looks like he has a mental disorder when it comes to thinking in a productive way on the ice, he's going to have a hard time in New Y ork and especially under Tortarella.

I have a hard time saying he'll get to 50+ points if he doesn't improve his IQ because he'll be benched for sure.

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