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08-25-2011, 11:34 AM
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It's not the speed, in terms of quickness, that the trapezoid helps, it's the flow. Someone on the main board made the comparison to intentional grounding in football. In this case, though, it's the defender (being the goalie) that is killing the play. I made the point in that thread that just because something is a skill doesn't mean it should be okay. Messier was particularly skilled at throwing elbows. I'm sure many players would be very good at kicking pucks in. Avery is skilled at getting into goalie's faces with his back to the play. So some goalies are good at puck-handling. They can be good at it behind the net or in front of the corners.

LOVE the idea of enforcing the area in which the goalie can cover the puck. It's already in the rulebook, just call the penalty.

I'm meh on changing icing rules. We don't see THAT many injuries from chases.

I like 3v3.

Not for eliminating the ability to ice the puck on the PK. I was initially on the fence about this one, but my dad made a good point: eliminating that part of the game would also mean eliminating the set rushes QBed by the defenseman from behind his net. Think of it. Without the ability to ice the puck on the PK, the Rangers second goal in game 7 of the 94 SCF doesn't happen the way it did.

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