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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
BR...a couple of points

1. Has there ever been a time where you didnt wanted to see more physical play from the Caps? kidding.
As a matter of fact...NO!! Hey I think physical play is absolutely crucial and should be much higher on peoples depth chart than it is.

Originally Posted by txpd View Post
2. My initial thinking is that the Caps are going to less hybrid their styles of the past two seasons into one style than play both styles when situations require. Meaning I think the run and gun Caps return to a great degree, but after securing a good lead or late lead that instead of looking to create seperation they revert to last season and choke off the opposition and close them out.

With a continued strong pk, you'd think the 09-10 offensive juggernaut that pounced on teams in first periods would be brutal to play against when after establishing a lead they then became last season's team that gave up next to nothing..
I can see that. Play the trap when they have a lead. Good strategy too rather than opening the game with the trap. I wouldn't even approach trapping til the 3rd period.

Originally Posted by txpd View Post
3. don't jump to the conclusion that vokoun is a "A vet goalie who you don't need to protect or shield". there is very little evidence of that on his resume. it may be true, but both nashville and florida during his tenures were teams that played defense first and protecting him against prime scoring chances was their first priority.

i have said previous that i thought jose theodore did well with the capitals because he was a very good jailbreak goalie. he was less skill against a strong "half court" offense.
vokoun didnt have to deal with many jailbreaks in florida or nashville. just consistant half court pressure playing for teams that had the puck in their own end more often than in their offensive end.

to say vokoun is an elite level jail break goalie to back up a run and gun team or a proven playoff winner is a complete misread of this player's value and false..
I have my doubts about Vokoun too but Neuvirth last year was a highly unknown quantity. In addition he was young and a team has to protect its future by shielding a young goalies psyche. They don't have to worry about that with Vokoun. And he has played on the international stage and played well. He doesn't have much playoff experience but Nashville was undermanned and didnt they play detroit both times? Maybe not but still his sv pct was good.

Now that he is on the team I like Vokoun more. Probably biased here.

Originally Posted by txpd View Post
4. you would have to think this team finishes first in the east again. they might as well. a 1 seed comes with that pressure again, but at this point if they struggle enough in the regular season not to finish first, there will be enough pressure created by whatever problems slow them down to equal or surpass the pressure of being first again..
Thats where a lot more vet presence should help. No rookies (well Sjogren but he played in the SEL and is older) on the team this year unlike last year as well. So glad Halpern is back.

Originally Posted by txpd View Post
frankly, if ovechkin and backstrom return to their career averages and johansson, carlson and alzner dont have 2nd season regression, i am not sure how any nhl east teams beats them in the regular season standings.
I forsee all that happening. All the young guns will have markedly improved seasons IMO

It wouldn't shock me if they broke 120pts at this point..based on what I see on paper.

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