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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
I'm not sure if this used to be the case but in the league that we're in right now, I'd have to agree with this. I don't see how a pure goon can really benefit us or anyone else.

I don't see how he's demonstrated this yet. Adding Cole would've been nice if he was about a decade younger, but adding him now doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Yeah, he'll help change the identity of the team somewhat, but he's old and his best years are probably behind him. We need to invest in younger forwards (specifically bigger/tougher forwards) like MaxPac with the potential to be more well balanced forwards in the future. If say Emelin becomes another tough d-man, that will help for sure but that's not PG's doing and he's also not playing up front.

If they neglect skill for size, sure you will. It's about balance.
I don't disagree with you I just feel a lot of people don't acknowledge how much easier it is to get a guy who is on the "prime fence" than a guy entering his prime. It's easier said than done and I think considering what team we are and the fact that many UFA's probably don't want to sign here over a place like say LA or Vancouver, signing Cole was a fairly smart move. Of course it can backfire but if it doesn't we'll be golden. Plus Cole has done nothing to suggest being past prime just yet. I think people are jumping to conclusions a little bit. There's no magical number where prime ends. Plus if I'm not mistaking Chiarelli was going after Cole too. People seem to think he's a pretty smart GM, sure we outbid him but we got a player he intended to get.

But overall I don't disagree with your analysis that it would've been better to get a younger player, with how teams are smarter with UFA these days though it just doesn't seem very easy to pull it off. Some people think Columbus is nuts for trading for and signing Wiz to his deal. How many other solid offensive D on the market just entering their prime were there? Deals can be made but honestly easier said than done. I think it's a solid move by CBJ personally.

Originally Posted by WeeBey View Post
Yes, exactly. They're too detrimental to the game when it really matters. That isn't convincing evidence that we should be loading up on goons.

That's not what I saw at all during Laraque's short tenure here. Remember Sauer on Kostitsyn? Remember that useless scrub that sent a flying elbow at Gorges? People are going to take liberties one way or another. Having a tough guy play 5 minutes a night isn't going to stop anything.

You can keep ignoring all the injuries that happen despite a lineup of tough guys if you want though. When are you going to address all the concussions via cheap shots the Bruins have suffered over the years? Good thing Bergeron, Savard and Horton had all those tough guys keeping the game honest, eh? Sounds like if anyone here is an "x and y" person, it's you.

I already said I want some tougher guys on this team, I don't want useless players like Godard and Engellend though. I'd love to have Asham or Carcillo type players. I think they probably strike more fear into players like Lucic or Neil than some big dumb ape who'll probably never be on the ice at the same time as them anyway.
I have to agree, for a guy who tries to make other people out to be deluded by rose colored glasses you surely destroyed his argument imo.

If anything some people need to take off the blood colored glasses and realize this isn't MMA it's hockey. Having a goon on your team won't stop your players from getting injured unless said goon is good enough to play on a top line and even then doubtful he stops the injury. It does add good entertainment value but I'll watch 5-6 less fights a year in order to win even 1-10 more games we'd likely lose by having a guy like Konopka on the squad. (Plus he'd be benched for the rest of the season and ask for a trade within a month)

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