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Originally Posted by Sensfanman View Post
I just hit level 30 and have yet to play a rated game. I first wanted to get my last flat health Quint, and now that I have it, would you recommend doing my first rated game solo or joining with a few of the regulars I play with (Freaksh0w, Viktoree, and AlfieIsGod from this board)? Also, how are the rated games different besides the draft and ban?
I seriously wouldn't suggest playing Ranked if you just hit level 30

You would need to know at least 2 champion for each role and have runepages for all of them to be most efficient, the number one thing i see from people stuck in ''Elo Hell'' is that they played ranked too early and weren't prepared

As for Solo vs Premade it's up to you

It's called solo queue because it gives you the option to queue by yourself, but you can also duo queue and it will count as solo queue, once you queue as 3+ people though it becomes Premade

For your last question ranked games aren't any different outside from Draft Mode, having said that the metagame is much more different

In Normals most people just pick the champ they wanna play and don't care about team composition, in ranked there's always a preferred meta-game

Currently the meta game is as follow

Bruiser vs Bruiser top (usually bruisers like Udyr, Warwick, Jax, Garen, Nasus ect)
AP carry vs AP carry mid (Annie, Brand, Orianna, Anivia ect)
AD Carry + Support bot (Ashe + Soraka, Caitlyn + Alistar ect)
and a jungler

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