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08-25-2011, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
In much of this thread it seems that not many people seem to agree with me that merchants are depriving people of their civil rights by refusing to serve them if they don't do things exactly their way... Beyond a person's views on whether people should learn English or not is the fact that all people have the same human rights in this country... as long as the customer is not abusing their rights they should be allowed to purchase and use the services others are offered.

Besides that, a smart businessman should go the extra mile and should try to work with the residents of the neighbourhood... But that was Vento's choice; IMO turning them away should not have been.

People in the Philly Area probably heard his Public Service radio spots that he purchased that ended with the phrase: "If you don't agree than you are a part of the problem" (paraphrased)... Joey did not like illegal immigration and spending taxpayer's dollars on them; he sadly grouped his Spanish speaking would-be customers in that category and refused them their civil rights... I am by no means a Liberal, and classify myself as Moderate and I am a second generation American whose mother grew up in Europe... I was offended by Geno's policy and boycotted them since the sign was put up.

I have traveled in Europe, Mexico, Asia, the Caribbean and French speaking Canada and have been served without problem when I courteously spoke English... I have never been refused nor turned away, I have always been able to work with the merchants and always have felt respected; I hate to think of people people in his country not being treated with like respect.
People don't agree with you because they understand a very simple principle that a business is not public property. See what Michigan bar and restaurant owners are up to these days. Note that this isn't my opinion, but something years and years and years of American law has backed which ties into the Constitution.

Originally Posted by Hollywood Couturier View Post
Some people do not make that effort and that is what Joey Vento focused on. In no way do I see how that can be considered wrong.
He may have focused on that, but he went about it as an ignorant, stereotypical south Philly goomba.

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