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08-25-2011, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Shrimper View Post
Reading around him, sounds like someone with a great heart, willing to help and a great person to have in the community. Those saying it's racist to have that sign are what's wrong with the world in terms of national identity. You don't go to a restaurant in Paris and speak Japanese, you speak French out of respect. The same goes for every country in the world, you speak their language. The world needs more people like Joey.
So, if you don't know a lick of a foreign language you shouldn't travel to that country?

I mean, that's BS, and doesn't really mesh reality. In may travels through Europe pretty much every place I went to had an English menu (even if I didn't need it) and a server that spoke English. That, however, was a market driven thing -- if you're in well traveled areas they are used to dealing with various languages.

As far as national identity, I don't want any part of a national identity that bases itself around that type of dick behavior. Especially given that Spanish is such a massively growing language group in the US... some folks of our "national identity" are going to have to have a reality check in the near future. There are more than a few places in America where the "no service if you don't speak English" policy could be turned around as "no service if you don't speak Spanish."

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