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08-25-2011, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Little Nilan View Post
I would go with ASUS laptops. You can get some on the cheap if you're willing to buy recertified. In any case, they're usually high quality, with high quality material. Like any company they have their duds, but usually you can find some damn good laptops. Lenovo thinkpads are also a good buy, I like them a lot. Don't go for Toshiba/HP/Acer/etc laptops you can buy at futureshop, Dell sucks as well. The quality is better than it used to be, but it doesn't compare for the same as an ASUS.
Sorry but Toshiba shouldn't even be said in the same sentence as HP, Acer or Dell. As a hater of all three of those companies I know for a fact Toshiba is much better both through personal experiences and friends. Don't know where you got the idea that they should be lumped into the Acer category but they're simply a lot better than Acer, HP or Dell.

Lenovo gets fairly good praise as does ASUS. I've never owned a Lenovo but all of the others I have owned or used through work, the only ones out of HP, Acer, Dell, Toshiba, Asus or Lenovo I would ever buy are Asus and Toshiba. Lenovo just never really used so I wouldn't risk it.

Between Asus and Toshiba hands down I'd choose Toshiba. Last laptop our office got from Asus doesn't even compare to the laptop I got 1.5 years ago from Toshiba and it's supposed to be better. I'll chalk it up to being a bad model as all companies have theirs but I'd even probably choose alienware (owned by Dell) over Asus at this point. Don't hate Asus but not in love with them either. I'd also choose Sony (decrapify it of course) over Asus as well. Now we may be talking different price ranges once you introduce Sony/Samsung but honestly no reason to choose an Asus over a Toshiba unless you're comparing a good model versus a bad. Both are perfectly acceptable brands for lappy. Toshiba fixed my friends laptop for free after he spilled a 2L of coke onto it Dell has milked my dad out of a few repairs already

Also refurbished laptops imo are just bad advice. Laptops due to the components being so close together etc are often not cooled properly. Especially in poor quality brands like Acer they'll run fine the first year or two but the components will break down quick due to poor design of the laptop and bad ventilation/cooling. I would never buy a used laptop because even with good laptops naturally those components are closer together and heat up more often. So you buy a 2 year old lappy that works perfectly, they refurbished it (whatever that means, obviously they didn't gut it and replace everything or else they'd just not even bother) and it works now... wait a few months or a year. Also I've never had an Acer laptop that went a year without hardware problems and I've owned two.

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