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08-25-2011, 06:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Joetimo View Post
Here is a list of players in my mind.

1. Seto - just acquired.. Won't be moved until the deadline, if at all
2. Little - I like it, but WPG needs a top six back. I doubt they trade their #1 center.
3. Cole - Like Setoguchi, Montreal just acquired him. Like us, Montreal needs scoring (finished with the same 2.60 GPG that we had)
4. Boyes - I could see a trade with Boyes going down, but I'm not so sure Buffalo is willing to move him. The new owner up there spent the money to make the team competitive, if not a contender, and even though Boyes has dropped off getting him will likely cost at least one roster player. They are trying to win now
5. Malone - Not sure I'm sold on Malone. He won't have nearly the talent around him here that he has in Tampa, but it's interesting nonetheless. An experienced guy with some size who could make us stronger up front.
6. Jussi Jokinen - I think this is another pipe dream like Setoguchi or Cole. Carolina obviously wants him or they wouldn't have re-signed him. It's a guy I'd like to go after myself, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
7. Kostitsyn - much like Cole, I don't see Montreal letting him go unless he really is causing a lot of trouble or just demanding a trade. I'd like to acquire him, but not if we have to give up someone on our roster in order to do so. If we can get him for picks and maybe a mid-level prospect I'd be very happy.
8. Bailey - Bailey could rebound with a change of scenery. Another guy I wouldn't like to see us give too much up to get, and I think NYI would be looking for a bit of an overpayment. I think NYI might be interested in trading him if we can send back a good bottom six grinder and maybe a pick to even it out.
9. Parise (pipe dream) - agreed.
10. Evander Kane (pipe dream) - agreed. These two just aren't realistic.
Out of all of these names I think the most likely ones that we can get are Bailey, Boyes, and maybe Malone. Bailey is probably the only one we could get before the season starts or gets too far along. AK won't be available for trade unless he either demands a trade or the Canadiens just flat out suck somehow. Cole, Malone, Jokinen, and maybe Setoguchi are guys we could look at getting at the deadline. All of that obviously depends on their respective teams, and how those teams are performing. I don't see Winnipeg moving either of those guys regardless of their rank in February. I think those guys are going to try to hang on to their young, talented guys until they see how difficult free agency is going to be for them. Between money and it being a new franchise in a less than desirable location they could have a tough time signing new guys.

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