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08-25-2011, 06:43 PM
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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
As I mentioned in my response to Joe, I think prying either Boyes or AK out of their cities is going to be a tough go. Boyes will likely be easier than AK unless some guys in Montreal start surprising by putting up a lot of points. AK plays on an offensively anemic team, and Boyes is playing for a team is looking to make a push. Both teams will want improvements before shipping those guys out. There is, of course, the possibility that Buffalo moves Boyes to clear cap space for a splash at the deadline, which is what I would consider to be the best option for getting him.

The trouble with trading with Florida is they are going to hover around the cap floor all year from the looks of it. If we are going to trade for Fleischmann we will have to send some salary back, and not just a little. Subtracting his $4.5m from their cap puts them nearly $3m under the cap floor. We'd have to send something like Wilson and Tootoo, or we could attempt to pawn Bouillon off with Wilson. Either way, unless we want to send back one of Erat, Legwand, Fisher, Hornqvist, or SK+ we will have to lose two roster players. Flash will have to be having a hell of a season for that to happen.

Not that I'm trying to prove that we are fine on offense, but Legwand and Fisher both have higher PPG numbers than SK and Hornqvist. I'd add those two to your list of our top scorers. We really need another top six forward, but if we can add one who is at or close to .500 PPG I think we become much better. That allows our bottom six to be stronger, which allows our scoring by committee attack to be much more effective. It might mean Wilson progresses slower, but if that's the price we pay for more success then I'm ok with it. I honestly think we will trade Wilson soon enough anyway. I agree, we don't need an Ovechkin. I was on my high horse about not wanting more of the same when people were wanting to send 50pt players back in a deal for Weber, but I think if we can find a deal that lands us that player without giving up a core player we had better jump at it.

I do understand your frustration. I'm frustrated, too. I'm worried that we will lose Weber, and that losing Weber will be the domino that knocks both Suter and Rinne out of Nashville. That's what I'm worried about more so than anything else. I'm not sure there is a move out there that can provide insurance for keeping all three of those guys, or even two of them, and if there is there is the issue of money. I'm hoping that Bergfors or Wilson break out this year like SK did last year. Here's to holding my breath until at least Christmas
Not to be nit-picky, but Leggy and Fisher have been around much longer than SK and Hornqvist (which would contribute to the better PPG).

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