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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
As long as Jacques Martin is the head coach and that Pierre Gauthier listens to his advice, the lack of toughness will be a recurring problem. One would have hoped that those two would have learned from being the best team being kicked out of the playoffs year after year in Ottawa by a much tougher Leafs' team but it sure doesn't seem like it.

There is absolutely no reason to think that a guy like Brad Winchester wouldn't help this team. None.
Much tougher Leafs team? I don't think so. Ottawa had Chara, Neil, Fisher, Hnidy, then had others like Rob Ray, Leschyshyn, Todd Simpson, Varada, Bonvie, et al. come in. Heck, one of the more entertaining fight fests was Ottawa versus Philly, where Ottawa pretty much pummelled Philadelphia in a dozen fights.

No, Toronto won because of goaltending. Ottawa had significantly more fighting depth.


On Winchester: I disagree there too. I think he's a slug with little to offer. He's a poor fighter, not a great skater, and doesn't add all that much to the team (defensive play, neutral zone, fundamentals, board work offensively). Frankly, I much prefer Moen, White, Darche and Desharnais, and those are the only players he'd compete with. I fail to see what Winchester offers--other than size--than any of them. They're all fundamentally superior and far more talented.

Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
While the Canadiens management and a portion of the Habs fanbase wait for the "perfect" fighter/scorer to magically appear, other teams make moves to increase their toughness in the modern NHL.
There are fewer goons in the NHL than at any point in the last couple decades. No one's wanting a 'perfect' fighter/scorer, so please cut that nonsense out. People want gritty players that can play the game and drop the gloves when necessary--and this is replacing goons in this NHL. So I'm not getting your rant here at all.

Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post

Laraque stood up for his teammates in Pittsburgh. When Laraque moved to Montreal, he suddenly decided to adopt the "fighter's code" of only engaging in staged fights.

It was plain to see for everyone that BGL did not want to be in Montreal, did not want to play for the Canadiens and proved that game after game by not sticking up for the Habs on the ice.

Laraque was pathetic and it is even more pathetic for people to hold him as the standard for whether this team needs a tough guy/fighter/enforcer/protector or not.
This is a gross distortion of reality. Laraque was criticised all the way back to his Edmonton days of being too nice of a tough guy. In Pittsburgh, he was not considered an enforcer because he didn't stand up for teammates so much. That's why Pens fans weren't disappointed to see him go, and warned Hab fans that he wouldn't be the enforcer many desired. I'm not certain how you determined that Laraque changed because he didn't want to be in Montreal--his play was consistent with that of his Pens' days, and it was equally evident earlier in his career.

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