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08-25-2011, 07:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Joetimo View Post
I actually was using that list in context of the WHOLE summer not for today. Some of those guys were free agents I thought we had a shot at, that is why I included them.

I think an AK deal or Malone or Little are doable. It may cost Ellis or Wilson but they are doable in my book. Little is my ideal fit, closely followed by AK. AK is a shooter and Little is a passer. Both would help relieve legwand of all the responsibility to play defense and create offense. The price would be high but it would be worth it at this point. We can't risk losing the big three and I think winning is our only option here.

Final thought: I don't want to put players in positions they aren't ready for and or talented enough for. Spaling, God bless him, is not a top 6 in the NHL. Could he be good? Absolutely, but right now this team needs to be winning not content with putting guys in positions they aren't suited for.
Fair enough. I thought you were naming guys you'd like to trade for. My bad.

Originally Posted by Paranoid Android View Post
I honestly don't think we're that much of a better team with Malone. Hornqvist fills a similar role and doesn't take penalties. AK would be a good addition. I'm on the fence with Boyes.

But million dollar question here is, why would any of these teams give up these players? All we have to offer is picks and prospects. These teams are going to want proven NHL talent coming back because all these teams are trying to win now.
This is the problem I keep running into. We need to make a deal with a team that is bad, but hasn't begun to rebuild yet. Of course, a general manager might not think his team is bad and either hasn't quite begun a rebuild or is early in one (Calgary and Ottawa come to mind immediately). Edmonton and NYI are on the tail end of rebuilds. Florida will probably stay in the position they are in, and trading with them requires money going back. Dallas is up in the air. Winnipeg is probably going to keep a lot of its talent until they know how the FA market will treat them, and it will probably take some measure of success in order to get some interest draw towards them.

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