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08-25-2011, 11:32 PM
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So I've taken a step back form my jungle obsession, as the old Golems/Wraiths/Wolves/Blue/B was getting a little tired.

I bought Tristana with IP on a whim... and my first game, I went 19-4 and absolutely speedbagged a 1-2 early lane against Gragas and Katarina. Haven't been able to match it in the couple games I've played since... but I do love her, as she is pure assassin.

My next pick up will be Kassadin, who I've been meaning to get since I played him on a free week.

IGN is TwoMinuteViking. I'm Level 28, but I always play with friends who lower levels, so those of you guys just starting can team up with us and get a full 5!

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