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10-05-2005, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by anon
A few weak points. The casting of a woman as Starbuck (in the original 70s version, Starbuck was a womanizing boozer and gambler) caused plenty of outrage among the parents' basement gang. It doesn't bother me one bit, except that the actress who now plays Starbuck is pretty lousy at times. It's when she tries to mimic other "macho" performances that she becomes entirely unbelievable and painful to watch. The scenes where she chomps on cigars like the old Starbuck did or struts around as a cocky cool guy with the leather aviator jacket and sunglasses a la Tom Cruise in Top Gun is just incredibly annoying. Give me a frackin' break. Nobody is buying the tough guy routine. When she is not overdoing it with the macho act, she is otherwise very good in the role.
I actually like the whole Apollo/Starbuck relationship. I think there's a lot more tension and drama now that one of them doesn't have a set of testicles, that being Apollo.

The new Boomer, on the other hand, just sucks throughout. She really needs some acting lessons, but even those wouldn't help make her more believable as a military aircraft pilot. She was miscast, in my opinion.
NOBODY DISSES AN ASIAN ACTRESS ON MY WATCH. Especially a young hot one like Grace Park. I wish they just didn't write the "Sharon is a cylon" thing. I really do. She's the one character I am just SAD to see a cylon.

However, I think that's what the producers wanted. They want the audience to WANT Sharon to be good... and hopefully she'll redeem herself in the end. Before that happens, I'm just going to assume they had to put a human face on betrayal and evil, and it was more convenient to put an Asian face on it, and then justify her continued existence on the show by having her sleep with multiple White characters on the show.

Lee Adama was also miscast,
Yeah, I wonder how that happened. Somehow, Adama, played by a Hispanic man (Olmos... what a fantastic actor) has the most Whitebread dude for a son I have EVER SEEN. It is RIDICULOUS.

as he is actually wussier than the original Apollo, if you can believe it.
Out of all the "good guy" characters, Apollo is easily the largest tool. Helo second.

I don't know if the new show tried to get more women into these roles on purpose to counterbalance some of the male-chauvanist stereotypes of the old show, but if so, then I have to wonder why the attractive Asian and Black women have to get white male love interests in the new show

or why the evil traitor Baltar is - surprise - an Englishman. Some stereotypes die hard, I guess.
I don't think he's evil. Not by one bit. Misguided if you will.

Also, other tidbids
1) Nikki Clyne as Cali: IMO the hottest female character on the show. I thought that tidbit about her signing up to pay for dental school hilarious. Cali and Dee really put a face on the enlisted crew of Galactica.

I think it was a mistake for the writers for Cali to "kill" one of the Sharons. The character had potential to be sort of the "innocence and moral" character of Galactica (as they tried to do in the season finale with her conversation to Adama about the chief), but she can no longer be that since, well, she shot somebody in cold blood, even though it was a cylon, it was still a morally ambiguous move.

2) Dee needs a bigger role on the show other than telephone operator and again, love interest for an useless White Man. The character was clearly written to be smart and tough, so use it.

3) I'm so sick of Gaeta being the CIC biotch. Again, minorities are only good for broken computers and FTL Jumps where Basic Math Skills Whtie people don't have are needed

4) They need to develop a new peripheral military character that doesn't have to do with the "main plot" of Cylons and Prophecies and stuff. Hotdog is easily the best candidate since he's the most recognizable recurring character, but I'd like to see a Marine maybe.

5) I bet you they're going to kill off Tyrol. I mean, why bring on "Larry", somebody who's perfectly capable of replacing Tyrol's skillset?

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