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08-26-2011, 01:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Renegade Stylings View Post
It's wild to think that he's still 17.

Caught his first scrimmage tonight. He was the best player on his team (which wasn't shocking considering he was one of 4 Blades players on his team, compared to a ton of 15-16 year olds). But he looked strong, made a few nice passes and even played with more of an edge than anyone else.

It was quite funny actually. Lukas Sutter smoked some young kid, who was on Duncan's team. Duncan went up to Sutter and shoved him and had a few words. These are two teammates during a scrimmage game, but Duncan makes it known that he will always play HIS game, regardless of the situation.

Was great to see.
So, what I can gather from what you've said through out this tread is that, Seimens is a bust.

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