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08-26-2011, 01:17 AM
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Originally Posted by SonicY View Post

My next pick up will be Kassadin, who I've been meaning to get since I played him on a free week.
I don't play LoL anymore, I went back to DotA and now waiting for Dota2, but when I did I played about 600 games, got to lvl 30, and my heroes were:
- Ashe
- Kassadin
- Shaco
- Katarina
- Pantheon
- Jax... but it was just too easy at the time, pre-nerfs... you go 23-1-20 EASY unless you happen to run into a pre-made
(by comparison, I sucked 99% of the time with Pantheon if the game went past 20 minutes and we didn't have a meaningful advantage by then)

And Kassadin was VERY fun to play (though Ashe was my best, I even got several kudos from the Riot staff/forum admins I bumped in here and there).


Now, like I said, I went back to DotA (the not being able to play every hero, "grinding" for them, the silly no-denying concept, etc. was very unappealing from the start for me), but that said, it is definitely great fun once you get into it.

One thing I don't know is if Riot implemented a replay system since I stopped playing, and if there's anywhere I can find some high-end competitive replays to watch (and maybe get my interest going again).

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